PartPart NumberDescription
Bearing Kit1817017RMB8 Enduro 6900 2RS Max bearings.
Hardware Kit


Main pivot, linkage, chainstay to seat stay hardware, and the RIDE-9 chips.
Rear Axle1817011RMB
12mm x 173mm x 1.5 thread pitch rear axle.
RIDE-9 Kit1810009
All 4 RIDE-9 chips for the Thunderbolt.
Derailleur Hanger 41818013RMB
Derailleur hanger for Sram and Non-direct mount Shimano derailleurs. 
Derailleur Hanger 121818012RMB
Derailleur hanger for direct mount Shimano derailleurs.
Chainstay Protector1810028Updated chainstay protector for the 2018-2020 Thunderbolt. 
Bearing Eyelet Hardware1818003RMBReplacement bearing eyelet hardware for the rear shock mount.