On all 2021 Instinct models, the forward shock hardware is a 20mm x 8mm ID pin and reducers. The rear shock mount uses our bearing eyelet hardware. 

The bearing eyelet hardware can be purchased from your local Rocky Mountain dealer or from our online store using the part number: 1811007

Shock Mounting Orientation

Rear Shock Mount - Bearing Eyelet Hardware
Forward Shock Mount - 20 mm x 8 mm

Instinct Alloy & Carbon with 27.5" wheels:

Sizes XS & S = 190mm x 45mm

Instinct Alloy & Carbon with 29" wheels:

Size S = 190mm x 45mm

Sizes M, L, & XL = 210mm x 52.5 mm*

*Please note that you can run a 210mm eye-to-eye shock with a 55mm stroke on sizes M-XL ONLY. The stock 52.5mm stroke provides 140mm of travel whereas the 55mm stroke will give you 150mm of travel