2022 Instinct Powerplay Wheel Sizing and Hub Spacing

The 2022+ Instinct Powerplay is designed around a 29'' wheel. All sizes use the same boost spacing front and rear. You will also find information relating to tire clearance and disc brake specifications in the table below. 

Spare Parts

Replacement rear axles, and other spare parts for the 2022+ Instinct Powerplay can be purchased through our online store, or through your local Rocky Mountain dealer using part number: 1812007.

ModelWheel SizeFront HubRear HubAxle Length (Rear)Max Tire ClearanceDisc Brake StandardMax Rotor Size
Inst PP Carbon2915mm x 110mm12mm x 148mm175mm, 1.5 (thread pitch)29 x 2.6200 PM223mm
Inst PP Alloy2915mm x 110mm12mm x 148mm175mm, 1.5 (thread pitch)29 x 2.6200 PM223mm

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I put 27.5'' wheels on my 2022 Instinct Powerplay?
    • We do not recommend swapping your wheel size to 27.5 at this time. The smaller wheel size will lower the frame's bottom bracket height, resulting in a higher likelihood for pedal strikes. Additionally, the smaller wheel size has not been programmed in the current software; meaning the bike will travel slower, approximately 1.5 mph.
  2. Can I make my 2022 Instinct Powerplay a mullet? 
    • As mentioned above, the rear triangle of the new 2022 Powerplay models are designed around a 29'' wheel size. Running a smaller wheel in the rear will result in a lower bottom bracket, increasing your likelihood of pedal strikes, and is not recommended.