Fork Offset

2022+ Instinct Powerplay fork offset for Fox and Rock Shox manufactured forks are listed below:

Bike ModelFork Offset (Fox) Fork Offset (Rock Shox)
Altitude Powerplay Carbon44mm42mm
Altitude Powerplay Alloy44mm42mm

Maximum Recommended Fork Length

Depending on your fork's manufacturer, please refer to the Max Axle-to-Crown measurements listed below when deciding on the ideal travel for your fork. For further information regarding your fork's axle-to-crown length, please refer to the manufacturer's specification sheets listed below: 

Rock Shox
Fox Racing
Manitou Suspension

Bike ModelMax Axle-to-Crown (mm)
2022+ Instinct Powerplay Carbon
2022+ Instinct Powerplay Alloy581mm

*Note, the Max Axle-to-Crown for the 2022+ Instinct Powerplay is identical to the Max Axle-to-Crown of the 2022+ Altitude Powerplay. This is due to the two bikes sharing the same frame. Max Axle-to-Crown is the recommended maximum length of your fork, based on our tolerance testing. Any longer, and you risk damage or breakage to your frame. While this axle-to-crown measurement of 581mm is within tolerance for the frame, we do not recommend spec-ing your Instinct Powerplay with a fork that long while still running a 210mm x 55mm rear shock. This set up will affect negatively affect geometry and handling of your bike.