The table below includes the most common parts needed by Instinct Powerplay owners and service technicians. 

Please visit the Rocky Mountain Webstore for any other spare parts needs.

PartPart NumberDescription
Pivot Bearing Kit
1812037Enduro 6001 LLU MAX 28x12x8 (Qty 2)
Enduro 688 LLU MAX 16x8x5 (Qty 4)
Enduro 6900 2RS MAX 22x10x6 (Qty 4)
Shock Bearing Eyelet Kit1811007Enduro 688 LLU MAX 16x8x6 (Qty 2)
Bearing Eyelet Sleeve
Bearing Eyelet
Eyelet Bearing Spacer
Pivot Bolt Kit1812036Contains all pivot hardware including MP bolt, upper link bolt, dropout bolt, bearing sleeves, bearing spacers, and washers.
Shock Bolt Kit1812038Upper shock bolt; RIDE-4 bolt.
Instinct Forward Shock Mount Kit1811014Forward Shock Mount Kit for 2022 Altitude PP
RIDE-4 Kit1812035RIDE-4 chip kit for 2022 Altitude and Instinct Powerplay. 
Rear Axle Kit181200712mm x 175mm x 1.5 thread pitch bolt on rear axle.
Lower Chain Guide 34T1998024PR11t cog and, bearing, and spacer for lower chain guide.
Derailleur Hanger1812002Hanger kit for 2022 Altitude and Instinct Powerplay.
Axle Flip Chip Kit1811011Left and Right Axle Flip Chip and O-Ring. 
Bash Guard Kit1997093RMB Bash Guard and hex bolt for 2022 Altitude & Instinct PP
Chain Guide Kit1812044Bash Guard Bracket
Lower Chain Guide Outer Plate
Mounting Hardware
Upper Chain Guide 1812047Upper Chain Guide for Cable Tray
Mounting Hardware