A blind hole bearing puller is the best tool to remove the bearings from your frame.

To remove the bearing eyelet hardware from your shock:

To remove the system, follow these steps: 

  • Use the Rocky Mountain Bearing Eyelet Tool Kit (Part# 1810031), the Bearing Eyelet Tool is available to order from your local Rocky Mountain dealer
  • Install the top hat piece on one side of the bearing eyelet 
  • Next, install one of the cup removal tools over the bearing cup with the top hat piece installed. 
  • Thread the M8 screw snuggly against the top hat piece 
  • Install the other cup removal tool over the other bearing cup 
  • Thread the M8 screw all the way in until it starts pushing on the other side. It is contacting the inside of the top hat piece. 
  • Keep threading until one of the cups is full pushed out. 
  • Next insert the drift tool through the shock eyelet and rest it firmly against the bearing cup that is still pressed in the shock eyelet. 
  • Gently, but firmly, hammer the drift tool until the bearing cup is fully removed from the shock eyelet.